Нашлось 34 стрипов с набором тегов

Rat: How was the bingo tournament last night?
Pig: It was cancelled... One of the ceiling tiles fell and crushed Ms.Pinkett.
Rat: How awful.
Pig: She knew the risks of playing the game.

Swine: I went to ms.Pinkett's funeral last night.
Rat: How was it?
Swine: It was very moving... Someone placed the card from her last bingo game in her hands.
Rat: How nice.
Swine: Everyone cried when they saw she only needed an «0».
Rat: She went out with a bing.

Text: «Life Goals Questionnaire. On scale of zero to 100, how important is money to you?»
Text: «On scale of zero to 100, how hard are you willing to work for that goal?»
Rat: I think I've found the source of my problems.